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Voina – it is war against corrupt power

Teet Veispak (3-4/2011)

Teet Veispak interviews Russian artists disgraced by the powers


Over the recent two or three years, a great deal has been said and written about the Russian artist group Voina (Война). Their scandalous actions, besides attracting public attention, have given ample of reason for the often painful reactions from the Russian authorities. Attitudes towards the actions of Voina have faltered from one extreme to the other even in artistic circles – on the one hand, being fully supportive, and on the other reproaching them in the extreme. Voina’s nomination for the Innovation Prize by the Russian Ministry of Culture, and eventual receipt of the Grand Prix last spring, could be regarded divisive and creating an emotional maelstrom. In order to get a better view of the group, I talked to the leading figures Leonid Nikolayev, Aleksei Plutser-Sarno, Natalya Sokol and Oleg Vorotnikov.

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